Episode 107: Becoming Your Own Banker with Jayson Lowe & Peter Lount

Episode 107 March 15, 2020 01:04:21
Episode 107: Becoming Your Own Banker with Jayson Lowe & Peter Lount
Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast
Episode 107: Becoming Your Own Banker with Jayson Lowe & Peter Lount

Mar 15 2020 | 01:04:21


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Rob Break

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Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Jayson & Peter:

Today we are joined by Jayson Lowe and Peter Lount. They are going to show us how Anything that you do, including investing in Real Estate is improved with the process of Becoming Your Own Banker through the implementation of the Infinite Banking Concept. Jayson Lowe is the founder of Ascendant Financial Inc., a highly regarded coach, speaker and advisor to individuals and business owners nationwide. He is recognized as one of Canada’s top overall Advisors, & author of several publications. Jayson has delivered hundreds of presentations to the general public, appeared on countless stages and interviews. He is internationally recognized as one of the leading educators and implementers of Becoming Your Own Banker, The Infinite Banking Concept. Peter started his real estate investment journey, by house hacking in 2001, and has owned various single and dual family homes before settling in on partnerships in apartment buildings and commercial properties. It was in his pursuit of making his real estate investing more resilient that he found Jayson and his team. After being a client for 2yrs, Peter joined Jayson's team at Ascendant Financial in feeling it was time to connect with fellow Real Estate Investors and Entrepreneurs to teach them how Infinite Banking could add a strong foundation in pursuit of reaching their goals. Get In Touch With Jayson & Peter: Website: https://ascendantfinancial.ca Get The Bankers Vault AT A DISCOUNT https://www.mybankersvault.com/breakthrough

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