Episode #177 - The Jackhammer Episode with Myron Welik

Episode 177 January 18, 2023 00:53:39
Episode #177 - The Jackhammer Episode with Myron Welik
Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast
Episode #177 - The Jackhammer Episode with Myron Welik

Jan 18 2023 | 00:53:39


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Rob Break

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Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Myron Welik 

In 2002, I lost my Muti-Million Dollar business in a catastrophic way, leaving me paralyzed with self-doubt and depression.

However, I kept going and 16 years later, I successfully re-invented myself.  I am known as a “Jackhammer” and have been in the business of making deals happen for 40 years. I am the host of the Jackhammer podcast and author of “The Jackhammer Effect”. My insatiable drive and resilience have been a hallmark of my long and successful career.

Moreover- I identified and brokered the deal that brought Heidi Klum and New Balance together, leading to the creation of the HKNB brand. I pitched products of my own design on the Home Shopping Network to 40 million viewers. In addition - I have negotiated strategic partnerships with well-known brands such as the New England Patriots, Lacoste, FIFA, Madison Square Gardens, Radio City Music Hall, and Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

In 2018 met a young real estate entrepreneur that impressed me, and I had the feeling that we could do great things together, even though I knew nothing about real estate. But he disappeared on me.

For 6 months, I relentlessly pursued that opportunity. By 2020, the partnership was in place. Two and half years later, I have brokered over $35 Million dollars of investment deals in real estate.

Today my brand is The Jackhammer. I’m 69 going on 39, and nothing can stop me. I am proof that age is no barrier to reinventing yourself.  I live by the motto “Never give up, stay passionate, and work hard because it’s never too late".

Email: [email protected]

Podcast: The Jackhammer Effect

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