Episode #197 - Goal Setting: The 10 Year Anniversary Show

Episode 197 February 01, 2024 01:22:26
Episode #197 - Goal Setting: The 10 Year Anniversary Show
Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast
Episode #197 - Goal Setting: The 10 Year Anniversary Show

Feb 01 2024 | 01:22:26


Hosted By

Rob Break

Show Notes

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Special Episode

Join us for a special milestone celebration as the Breakthrough Real Estate Investment podcast commemorates 10 years on the airwaves! This episode is not only a celebration of a decade of real estate insights but also bids a fond farewell to our co-host, Sandy, who has decided to embark on new and exciting ventures.

As we reminisce about the good times and the invaluable lessons learned over the years, it's a bittersweet moment saying goodbye to Sandy. His contribution to the show has been immeasurable, and he will be dearly missed.

To make this episode even more memorable, we've invited some long-time friends of the show to join us. They'll share their reflections on the journey, update us on their latest endeavors, and provide insights into how they set ambitious goals each year.

Returning to our roots, the episode revisits the foundational topic of goal-setting, drawing inspiration from the very first show where Sandy and the host outlined essential tips for achieving success. It's a fitting tribute to Sandy's legacy on the podcast.

Whether you're a seasoned listener or joining us for the first time, this episode is a must-listen, filled with nostalgia, wisdom, and inspiration. Tune in as we celebrate a decade of breakthroughs and bid a heartfelt farewell to Sandy, while setting our sights on an even brighter future in the world of real estate investment.

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