Episode #204: CSA Farming with Glen Young

Episode 204 May 15, 2024 01:12:43
Episode #204: CSA Farming with Glen Young
Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast
Episode #204: CSA Farming with Glen Young

May 15 2024 | 01:12:43


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Rob Break

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Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Glen Young

About our Guests

Better known as "Farmer Glen" these days, Glen is a former IT professional turned full-time farmer at Cold Springs Organics, located just east of Toronto. Passionate about combating climate change and improving food systems, Glen shifted his career towards sustainable farming. Under his stewardship, Cold Springs Organics has grown from scratch to a modest 80-member CSA that represents a vital community resource, emphasizing organic practices and carbon farming. His journey includes transitioning from residential/commercial real estate to farmland investing, aiming to demonstrate that small farms are not only viable but essential for sustainable futures. Glen's real-world experiences offer invaluable insights into both the pitfalls and successes of farm investment and management. As a dedicated family man and community connector, Glen's mission extends beyond farming to fostering a new generation of farmers through mentorship and advocacy. Join us to learn how you can invest in farmland wisely and sustainably, turning green fields into gold while securing a healthier planet.

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Website: https://coldspringsorganics.com/

Investing in Farmland Ebook: https://realestate.coldspringsorganics.com/farmland

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