Episode 21: Toronto Investor Forum Preview & Giveaway

Episode 21 March 08, 2015 00:59:56
Episode 21: Toronto Investor Forum Preview & Giveaway
Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast
Episode 21: Toronto Investor Forum Preview & Giveaway

Mar 08 2015 | 00:59:56


Hosted By

Rob Break

Show Notes

This special bonus episode features 4 guests:Investor Forum

John Mackenzie (General Manager Sales at KMI Publishing and Events) Claude Boiron (Broker, Author, University Instructor, Speaker, Land Developer) Gillian Irving (Real Estate Investor focussing on student rentals) Quentin D'Souza (Real Estate Investor, Author, Coach) You'll learn why you need to attend this great event and how to make the most of your time there.

Click here to register for the Toronto Investor Forum and us the coupon code SANDY at checkout


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- Acquired a 5 bedroom student rental with a legal basement apt

- Completed a very successful Fix and Flip project with a JV partner

- Completed 2 very successful Buy Fix Refi and Rent deals with JV partners

- Completed 9 profitable wholesale assignment deals with other investors

- Self manage all of my properties

Durham Rei Inner Circle Member

- Completed several coaching and education programs in REI

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