Episode 8: The one with Erik Mitchell (expert investor and educator)

Episode 8 June 15, 2014 00:51:02
Episode 8: The one with Erik Mitchell (expert investor and educator)
Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast
Episode 8: The one with Erik Mitchell (expert investor and educator)

Jun 15 2014 | 00:51:02


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Rob Break

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Here's What You'll Learn:Erik Mitchell


Erik Mitchell and his brother Kevin have been full time real estate investors and educators for over 7 years. They've worked over 25,000 hours growing their businesses, and have completed transactions all over southern Ontario. They've designed real estate investment training programs for agents looking to expand their business by working with investors. They have also designed individual strategic investment courses and memberships for individuals looking to expand their investment portfolio through the purchase of real estate.

Go grab their shocking FREE eBook The Canadian Bank Conspiracy and check out their FREE video training series here.

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